Solar power to apartment buildings

We are in the middle of the solar power breakthrough. The prices of solar panels have dropped by 70% in the past five years, and the solar power levels produced in the southern parts of Finland are similar to the ones produced in Northern Germany. After the installation of the panels, the costs are linked to the operation and maintenance and remain low. The investment will pay itself back in the form of a smaller electricity bill. For example, solar power is a handy addition to electricity production in grocery stores, in which the electricity consumption is at its largest during the daytime. Solar power systems can also be easily mounted to apartment buildings. Do you want to have solar power in your property?

Publication Solar Power to Apartment Buildings guide book (pdf) (in Finnish)
Information on solar power acquisition and suppliers: (in Finnish)
Information on the cost-effectiveness of solar power and solar thermal energy, and the profitability calculator: Solar Energy in Finland
Map on the solar power potential of the buildings and suitable locations for the solar panels in the capital region (instructions in Finnish)
Videos on solar thermal energy systems and solar electric systems (in Finnish)

Publication Urban investigation of solar power in the protected properties of Iso Roba (pdf) (in Finnish)