KultaHelmi is making valuable environmental contributions!

The KultaHelmi jeweller’s in Tikkurila’s Climate Street is making small valuable environmental contributions! The circular economy is valued in this small and cosy jeweller’s store. “Our own gold and silver jewellery collections are made from recycled materials bought from our customers, i.e. our products are made from scrap gold or silver. Other popular Finnish jewellery brands, such as Kalevala, have also started to show interest in recycled materials,” say KultaHelmi entrepreneur Helena and shop assistant Julia, who serves customers behind the counter in the store. Julia’s background is in environmental studies, and she has brought a strong basis of environmental know-how to KultaHelmi.

The waste generated in the store is recycled whenever possible, and old batteries, for example, are carefully collected to safety. Some are forwarded to a company specialised in the recycling of batteries. They salvage all valuable recyclable metals from the batteries. The rest of the batteries end up in the hazardous waste collection point.

“We also accept old broken watches from our customers and remove the batteries before taking the next step in the sorting cycle. We also offer reasonably priced repair services for old jewellery and watches to make our customers’ products last as long as possible. Recently we have also made many old products more fashionable and modern by creating new designs from our customers’ old and inherited jewellery.”

KultaHelmi is located in the Vantaa Climate Street, at the address Tikkuraitti 20.