Smarter lighting please!

Empty cellar space turned into a wine cellar, cosy sitting area in the garden, beautiful and energy-efficient lighting systems are all ideas brought forward by the residents of Iso Roobertinkatu 17-19 when asked about better living conditions. Ideas were collected in the residents’ own Happy housing cooperatives workshop (in Finnish) organised by the Dodo organisation on 17 March 2016.

The workshop participants were the residents of the building representing all age groups, some of whom had been living in the house for decades while others had just moved in. Many didn’t know each other beforehand. The workshop started with a tour around the building premises. During the tour the residents were able to share their memories and thoughts about the use of different premises, operating methods and past and future renovation works.

After the tour, the group moved into the opposing Cafe Roba to eat delicacies, familiarise with each other and generate ideas about cosier living conditions. The residents chose to bring forward the idea of designing a more atmospheric lighting system to the housing cooperative’s courtyard and gateway. The new lighting plan will be easy to realise in conjunction with the future renovation works in the housing cooperative. Dodo helps the housing cooperative find suitable professionals to plan the lighting system.

The Happy housing cooperatives workshop by the Dodo organisation is part of the Climate Street project in which the street Iso Roobertinkatu acts as an experimental environment. The project aims at finding solutions to reduce energy consumption in the urban environment and create a city that is more vibrant and cosier. The next resident workshop will be organised on 11 May. All interested housing cooperatives can order the workshop from Dodo.

Contact information:
Merja Lang
tel. 040 7443531