Apartment blocks’ energy audits reveal the objects with the best saving potentials

An energy audit was conducted in seven apartment blocks in Iso Roobertinkatu in February 2016.

An energy audit is a method to survey the energy-saving possibilities for an apartment building. The energy audit can be ordered from a specialist company that offers auditing services. Some house managing agencies also conduct energy audits. In energy audits, the energy specialist visits the property, checks the technical facilities, the operation of ventilation and heating systems, and makes visits to chosen apartments and performs apartment-specific measurements (temperature, flow rate for faucets, ventilation). Auditing processes also include a questionnaire to the residents. This is done in order to achieve the best possible picture of the present circumstances in the apartments.

Motiva has developed a model for energy auditing in apartment buildings. The energy audit reports based on the Motiva model include the basic information related to the property, the specific consumption details, information about heating, electricity and water systems, consumption comparisons, the supposed reasons for any deviations and the proposed actions to be taken.

In Iso Roba the total potential savings for the seven properties were estimated to be €27,191, 415MWh/a (heat energy 384 MWh/a, electricity 31 MWh/a) and 40 t of carbon dioxide emissions per year. The total cost of energy efficiency investments was estimated to be €152,300. The housing cooperatives in Iso Roba considered the energy audits to be very useful.

Check out the auditing reports and the given recommendations (in Finnish):

Summary of the recommendations given in the energy audits in Iso Roba (pdf)
Energy audit in residential building As Oy Annankatu 6 (pdf)
Energy audit in residential building As Oy Helsingin Fasaaninlinna (pdf)
Energy audit in building KOy Fredrikinpasaasi (pdf)
Energy audit in residential building As Oy Iso Roobertinkatu 8 (pdf)
Energy audit in residential building As Oy Fredrikinkatu 27 (pdf)
Energy audit in residential building As Oy Roobertinlinna (pdf)

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